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Roberto Rizzi

About me

I'm a PHP developer with many years of experience.
I develop with passion and tenacity and this are the main reasons that drive me to find the best methods of work.
I try to refresh my knowledges and I think that it's possible also tanking with a lots of people.
I share the idea of a common target, without leave the awareness for the "limits" that there are on a large trade like the development and on the web in particular.

  • Curriculum

    The Curriculum vitae is the our business card. You seek a PHP developer?
    Click here to download my curriculum

  • PHP

    I put up web sites, web applications, e-commerce, etc. following the pattern MVC and the Object Oriented Programming:
    PHP 5 (OOP).

  • MySQL

    Slim, quick, light. I use this database for this reasons:
    database MySQL.

  • JavaScript

    It give a lots of possibility. Web pages and applications are more dynamics and usable:

  • HTML

    The markup language have got the 5 version. It define, format, paginates the our web pages:

  • CSS

    The web 2.0 imposes the use of CSS stylesheet for give the just style to a web pages:
    See CSS.

  • CodeIgniter

    Easy, light, rich of functions and structured with pattern MVC:

  • JQuery - ExtJS

    That are ExtJS, JQuery or MooTools isn#&039;t important. JavaScript framework facilitate our life:JQuery. and ExtJS.

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Web sites and much more!

Web sites and much more!

All started in 2007, when I put up my first static web site.
The charme that in one click I could change a page or a graphic effect on mouse hover or much more.

Then I realized how have been my future work like Web Developer and my unique "limit" would have been my fantasy.

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That's my work...

That's my work...

Now I work like a web developer.
I have abandoned the imperative programming for favoring the OOP (Object Oriented Programming), getting a "my method " of work, without forget that is always possible improve it.

Lots of curiosity and passion for photography, have me known the Adobe Suite in particular Photoshop. Thanks to it now I put up and design small layouts.