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Very important, when we are getting a new web based project, to have a lot of "ammo". In some projects, is not necessay be able to bulding a CMS (Content Management System) because there are a different kind of this, just "ready to be used".

CMS' structure is composed by a back-end for the contents management and a front-end, through which, users may surf the website.
According to different criteria, CMS, may more or less flexible.
If for example, we are working in a specific content (Blog, forum, encyclopedia, etc.), probably the CMS will be flexible ONLY on the specific case; differently if the contents are of many and different types we will have a more flexible CMS but with less specific functions.

WordPress and Joomla are among the most used CMS of the world.
Latter, by their big community that have developed thousand of plugin, extentions, etc. ; are able to satisfy really great requirements without write neither one line of code.