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A framework is a structure or frame on which is possible the organization and development of a software.
All the main developer languages have a own framework, that may be writen by any developer or from the same software house.
Every framework is made from a code libraries used from one or more developer languages. PHP, for example has many frameworks and CodeIgniter is one of these.

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework.
On February 2006 was its first release and was already based on MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller).

  • Model: here are present all components, connected to the main data, necessary for the running of application;
  • View: shows the data that come from model and makes it possible the users integration;
  • Controller: takes the users' request (usually from the view) and execute it, changing model and view.

With this system we may separate logical operations, that are gotten from model and controller, from the graphic presentation, that is gotten from the view.

Famous for its simplicity and lightness, CodeIgniter has become the favourite framework of Rasmus Lerdorf, one of the creators of PHP.

If you would like to take more info for, you can visit the CodeIgniter official web site.