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Born in 1994 by the Danish Rasmus Ledorf, became soon the flagship scripting web language used for build dynamic web pages.

After some years, it could compete with Microsoft ASP, her unique opponent at the time. Soon PHP give the supremacy also because two young developers had launched the third release.

Main features of this release was the large extensibility, the DataBase connection and the first support for the Object Oriented Programming.


Now PHP was arrived at the five release, many DataBase are supported (MySQL is the most famous for the good integration). There is the technologies support for XML, SOAP, FTP, IMAP, JAVA integrattes is gooda and there are a lots of wrapper for GD libraries, CURL ect.

It's possible to use the pattern MVC (Model-View-Controller) to separeing the three "logical sectors" of ounr application or web site.

There aren't big vulnerabilities in PHP 5. In PHP 5 like so any other programming languages, we should keep the best pratice, for a good and strong code implementation.

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